Thee 48 Hour Brissant

Thee 48 Hour Brissant

Introducing thee 48 Hour BRISSANT. A heavenly mix of Brioche and Croissant. Ingredients used to make this elegant bread includes premium butter, free range eggs, unbleached flour.

The bread gets a 24 hr slow ferment, so that a complex flavor profile builds and gives you a one way trip to texture town.

I fold several layers into the dough. On the last rise, I braid a pattern to add a final layer before baking.

Before baking, It’s topped with Black Sesame Seeds. This is a staple in an Asian household and the nutty roasted aromatic flavor adds to the luxury.

In total, it takes 48 hours to make this bread. But it’s worth it, you have got to try this for yourself, trust me. And if you don’t trust me, you can trust @dannyklecko.

The Brissant is a newly awarded #eastsideburgerbattle winner and had rave reviews from several chefs that I am in awe of the opportunity to serve it to. Danny Klecko Justin SutherlandJoy SummersJD FratzkeMik German

You have GOT to preorder yours now, and see what made Chef Justin Sutherland post about it.

If that is not enough, we use locally produced butter from Hope Creamery and brown farm fresh free range eggs from Brand Farms!